[hackerspaces] Hackercamp at ADM, Amsterdam. [tbd]

webmind webmind at puscii.nl
Tue May 29 13:44:06 CEST 2018

TL;DR; https://tbd.camp/ first weekend of July, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

TBD calls on you to take a crowbar to the stack pointer and explore with
us the raw limitless potential of the (turing) machine.

Camp with us in the industrial docks transformed to creative wildlands
of ADM.

We welcome any contribution that will salvage the broken remainders of
that dream we once dreamed of free flowing information, will weaponise
the trash from the electronics bin for the creation of noise and the
downfall of the smart city, that creates outside the mind-numbingly
boring paradigms of software development, that takes pride in a
carefully placed goto statement, or that articulates whatever else the
struggle for liberation leaves to be discussed...

[tbd] will be determined, defined, discussed and deleted while it is
being built, held, broken down and remembered.

An event about forging bonds, catalysing communities and sharing thoughts.

[tbd] comes out of many past events and brings together people and
projects with an interest in decentralisation, autonomy,
anti-capitalism, ethics, communities and much more. [tbd] is an open and
anti-commercial event, it has no interest in sponsorships, crowdfunding
or petty-bourgeois startups. [tbd] is not a conference, it is a
gathering of like minded, where each and all participate to make an
event that can only be defined by the actions of it's participants.

As [tbd] is always in the process of determining itself, it challenges
it's technological basis, it's existence and it's participants. No
static definition will hold without questioning.

We welcome all those who share our interests and/or ideals for 3 days of
discussions, workshops, explorations and reinventions.

[tbd] is made by its participants, and only its participants. There is
no plain consumption of the event without contributing to the event.
[tbd] wants your opinions and your labour. [tbd] does not want your
advertising, your startups, corporations or your shitty attitude.

We live in a time in which we are at once overdetermined and
underdetermined. Never before have so many spaces of our collective
lives been so thoroughly subjugated to the creation and extraction of
value for capital. We now create value even as we sleep and play. At the
same time, the ideologies that were supposed to watch over the end of
history -- neoliberalism and liberal democracy -- have lost their devout
adherents. They no longer determine the course of events, and the
ideological territory is once again open for new constructions. But they
have yet to be dealt the death knell, and in the interim, they keep
stumbling on, like blinded zombies, and continue to leave great damage
in their paths. In this conjuncture of over- and underdetermination,
there is a great need for playful exploration of what it means to be
determined and how we can resist being determined. We embrace the
paradoxical challenge facing us -- to resist determination by capital
and its machines in a determined manner, to give new shape to our
present without letting it mo[u]ld us. In the space between contingency
and determination, we battle both the self-fulfilling prophecy of
techno-determinism and the liberal fantasy of consumerist contingency.

To be finished... one day... you can also come and finish it! :)

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