[hackerspaces] A command line tool (and Python module) for Space Directory and API

Sébastien Gendre seb at k-7.ch
Thu Mar 15 01:03:22 CET 2018

Hello from the moon.

Recently I write a little command line tool to query the Space Directory
and to get informations that Hackerspaces (and other spaces) publish on
their Space API.

With this tool you can print, on your terminal, the informations of a
space by providing their name or directly their Space API url.

To install it, you need Python 3 and PIP 3:
$ pip3 install --user spacedirectory

To get the list of spaces known by Space Directory:
$ spacedirectory

To get infos of a space:
$ spacedirectory "space name"

$ spacedirectory -a "api url"

To get help:
$ spacedirectory -h

This tool also provide a Python module, called spacedirectory, which you
can use on your Python software. For infos about how using it, I invite
you to read the file `doc/modules/usage.org` from the source repo.

You can find the source code repo here:

It's really new, so it maybe have bugs. Don't hesitate to suggest or
contribute. ;)


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