[hackerspaces] Hackercamp at La Fenice” park in Padua, Italy

lilo al3lilo at autistici.org
Tue Jun 12 03:36:46 CEST 2018

Hi all all over the Planet :)

just a link [0] to inform u about our great Italian hackercamp, that
will start in august,  2th => 5th august 2k18, north Italy.

Italian Hacker Camp

>From “La Fenice” park in Padua, we introduce you to the first Italian
Hackers’ Camp that wants to look towards the international hacking
scene. Besides main topics (hacking, security, free software, making, …)
surprises won’t be missing! The camp is promoted by the ITG association
and it is realized thanks to the help of the community, of the members
but also thanks to friends and other associations (hacklab, lug, fsug,
…); Age, gender, provenance or other ideological or physical diversities
are not obstacles but strengths to create more entropy to be used to
grow and bring benefits in our community. These are the principles that
characterize us, the ones you could have seen during our last events
(Italian Hackers’ Embassy at CCC, ESC2016, Italian Hackers’ embassy at SHA,
Hack the WiRe).

ALL you kittens are welcome :*


[0] https://www.ihc.camp/en/

bit in rebels => devuan.org

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