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aimee at ecohackerfarm.org aimee at ecohackerfarm.org
Mon Dec 31 15:35:34 CET 2018

Good afternoon all,

I was at the 35c3 meeting where we discussed the need for a content review:

1. short term solution - systematically go through listings to verify 
status and update content

2. long term solution - find good long term solutions for keeping the 
data current and up to date

I have volunteered to coordinate this effort and would love to get 
started initially by finding out if there are other interested parties 
out there willing to help.

1st stage - help needed with:

a. sending a mailshot out to all active hackerspaces with a contact 
email address on their profile to elicit action and updating profile 
pages - I can draft an email - can someone do the sending?

b. automatically identifying and flagging dead links on active profiles 
and marking them as dead links on profiles

c. visit hackerspaces in your area and updating their profile or asking 
them to update their profile accordingly - think of this a human 
verification to make sure they are still active and run by people (as 
opposed to corporate bots)

d. working with me on the harder cases ie where this is no contact info 
and only deadlinks to update profiles to identify whether the space is 
truly still active somehow before amending them to inactive

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)

Much love

Aimee xxx

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