[hackerspaces] Thanks - Hacker Culture, Education and Empowerment

Alexandre Garcia Aguado aleaguado at educahacker.cc
Thu Dec 27 15:18:54 CET 2018

Hello guys,

A few weeks ago i wrote here asking help for my research (Hacker
Culture, Education and Empowerment). I'm writing now just to thanks
those who collaborated sharing their perceptions and experiences about
Hacker Culture. I plan to return soon here to share a little more about
"the results".

If someone still would like to contribute, i'm going to leave the
questionnaire open for more one week... all contributions and points of
view are very welcome!!! The link is

Thank you! Happy New Year!


Alexandre Garcia Aguado
Instituto Federal de São Paulo / Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Twitter: @Ale_Aguado

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