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Ricky Ng-Adam rngadam at gmail.com
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In Coderbunker Shanghai, we stock "Heike Mate" (http://www.heike-madai.com

Heike is the transliteration in pinyin of 黑客 (Hacker).

The list price on the website is 96 RMB [12.36 EUR] for 6 (16 RMB [2.06
EUR] per bottle) but we get a much better deal on the case of 24.

I was quite happy to finally get easy access to a Club Mate like drink here

I asked their founder Daniel how many they were selling and he said "a lot"
so seems business is booming.

Video here:

Happy coding!

伍思力 | Ricky Ng-Adam | linkedin.com/in/rngadam | (+86) 156-1894-3215
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