[hackerspaces] Help Puerto Rico use tech for social good

Yosem Companys ycompanys at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 01:20:17 CEST 2018

Dear friends and colleagues,

   - How should the Puerto Rican government use technology to improve
   quality of life and socioeconomic development, especially in the poorest
   and most vulnerable communities?

I would appreciate your emailing me as soon as possible one-sentence
proposed actions in the format of "Do X with Y to achieve Z." Feel free to
share links to any case studies or articles that may show their successful
implementation elsewhere.

Your proposed actions could apply to any societal sector including and not
limited to:

   - Accountability;
   - Affordable access to Internet, Web, mobile, or mesh, among others;
   - Agriculture;
   - Disaster relief;
   - Economic growth and development;
   - Education and training, whether primary, secondary, higher education,
   vocational, or online;
   - Entrepreneurship;
   - Environment;
   - Food;
   - Health;
   - Housing that's affordable but can resist storms;
   - Jobs;
   - Manufacturing;
   - Open data;
   - Open governance;
   - Pharma/Biotech;
   - Privacy;
   - Public safety;
   - Security, physical or cyber;
   - Transportation; and,
   - Water.

Please share with your closest 1-million friends, post on all your social
media accounts, or email to all your other lists.

I truly appreciate your help.

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