[hackerspaces] Intel AMT/ME removal workshop

idnc_sk idnc_sk at vpslab.org
Sun Sep 17 22:05:47 CEST 2017

@"[..]just run a table at various hackerspace events [..] encourage 
people to repeat
it in their space after they learned how to do it"

According to the wiki there are 1364 active (listed) hackerspaces.
Why not use this network to organize something like a *global 
*/"clean(_er_) hw day"/ on
a set date(or even first Friday each month)? There is (still) some 
strength in
numbers, thrown in a few A5 posters / blogs and/or announcements and 
make this as
public as possible(@sk.bra - I can help with those posters - well, to be 
more specific,
I know of an evil corporation that will)

Don't have to be focused on coreboot/libreboot
What's important here is timing and organization(in terms of publicity /
"reach"). Even if I don't count hs run by people working against the 
(cancer tumors everywhere these days), still plenty of good people around,
^@strength-in-numbers thing

On 09/16/2017 12:27 AM, Moritz Bartl wrote:
> On 15.09.2017 15:50, idnc_sk wrote:
>> Hey fellow Humans! ..aaand the rest(since you are here),
>> Would anyone be interested to host a public IME/AMT removal workshop?
> The Coreboot and Libreboot people do things like that.
> A good option is to just run a table at various hackerspace events, like
> the Chaos Communication Congress or really any smaller or larger event
> around you, and encourage people to repeat it in their space after they
> learned how to do it.
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