[hackerspaces] Seltzer CRM v0.5.0 Released

Chris Murray chris.f.murray at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Oct 4 21:24:47 CEST 2017

Forgot to add - if you do take a look at Seltzer, please fill out this survey as well; we use your ideas to drive development!



Seltzer CRM Survey<https://goo.gl/forms/aqILz2vhe4Ao2h3Y2>

All the best,

Chris 8-)


From: Chris Murray <chris.f.murray at hotmail.co.uk>
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Subject: Seltzer CRM v0.5.0 Released

Hi All,

The new version of Seltzer CRM, a hackerspace management app, is out.  You can find the code and an online demo here:

Code: https://github.com/elplatt/seltzer
Demo: http://demo.seltzercrm.org/ (user: admin, pass: beexcellent)
Wiki: https://github.com/elplatt/seltzer/wiki

Here's a list of the current features, including the new ones:
* Tracking of member contact and emergency contact info
* Tracking of membership levels and dates
* Tracking of RFID key assignments
* Customizable permissions and roles
* Module system for easy customization
* Schema tracking for easy upgrades
* Import members and plans
* Billing and payment tracking
* Amazon Payments import
* Paypal Payments import (new)
* Profile pictures, either via uploading a file or Gravatar (new)
* User Metadata module (new)
* Plan Metadata module (new)
* Member self-registration (new)
* Email mailing list managemet (new)
* Mentor management (new)

Special thanks to the devs who helped out with this release: Ed Platt from i3 Detroit, Chris Murray from Farset Labs/SoMakeIt, and Josh Pritt from Melbourne Makerspace.  We're always looking for more people to help out with the project, whether it's coding, testing, or providing feedback and feature requests.  Contact me for more info, or see the wiki.

All the best,

Chris 8-)

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