[hackerspaces] What do you expect from a HS.o assembly at this year's Chaos Communication Congress?

housetier at nrrd.de housetier at nrrd.de
Wed Oct 4 17:50:53 CEST 2017

> I don't see how we would need a stage for a simple HSo meetup. And I
> fear --perhaps needlessly-- that stage and auditorium will lead to a lot
> of background noise (...)

> Anyway, I'll try and see if we can have our assembly in a much more
> quiet zone to make talking with each other feasible.

The Assembly team has responded: it seems very likely there will a quiet
zone for those assemblies that prefer a more tranquil environment.

So I'll try and register a HS.o assembly for --let's say-- 10 seats?
I'll be busy with my other assmblies so it would help if other people
commited to be present every once in a while.

Do we have flyers or somesuch? Or maybe someone alread has had a banner
made with the HS.o logo...

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