[hackerspaces] Webcam Matrix

Pete Prodoehl raster at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 20:33:07 CEST 2017

Here's the lowdown on what we do at Milwaukee Makerspace:


(Not a live video stream, just a constantly updated image.)


On 3/31/17 1:21 PM, Jurgen Gaeremyn wrote:
> Well... first off... you could for example point your webcam towards 
> the worktable, or towards the oscilloscope, ...
> Nobody says a hackerspace webcam should be showing the face-regions of 
> the space.
> Second thing that comes to mind... I can imagine having webcam feeds 
> that have undergone an artistic twist (kaleidoscope webcam)...
> Just 2 ideas...
> On 31-03-17 18:39, Ijon wrote:
>> I really have a hard time to understand this.
>> In some spaces photos, cameras, video is forbidden, a lot of hackers
>> (not enough) cover up the cameras on theire personal devices, everybody
>> is always super sensitive when it comes to photos or videos of them...
>> and here we are, somebody is asking to create a centralized repository
>> of webcams in hackerspaces?
>> i dont get it! Can somebody explain how this is possible? this seems to
>> be going in the opposite direction of what we aim for, helping people to
>> preserve privacy, helping people to encrypt, helping people to stay
>> anonymous.
>> On 31.03.2017 18:05, Joshua Pritt wrote:
>>> https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Webcams
>>> If you have a live camera stream from your 'space, please add it to the
>>> list on this wiki page.
>>> I want to bring back the Webcam Matrix and more!  I just added the one
>>> for the Melbourne Makerspace.
>>> I want to also see if there is a video chat enabled computer there at
>>> your space as well so I can start up my idea for the 'SpacePhone.  A
>>> quick and simple way to click on a hacker/makerspace's logo on a 
>>> similar
>>> matrix layout web page and start up a video call.  Let's collaborate on
>>> this as one, big, group project!

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