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Matt Joyce matt at nycresistor.com
Tue Jul 11 18:09:55 CEST 2017

I'd like to point out it was the US military that basically built the

On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 11:29 AM, idnc_sk <idnc_sk at vpslab.org> wrote:

> I would definitely dial that enthusiasm down a little. Anyone who cared to
> check
> knows how important of a role Stanford plays as an arm of the military
> industrial
> complex. Regardless of how many "transformations" LTT (claims to have)
> underwent,
> we are not living in some fairyland! Love and music are both great, I do
> enjoy
> SF "yt" lectures, nevertheless there is no room for naivety, no time to
> waste
> on projects / initiatives steered to lead  nowhere. Without going into
> details,
> pleas please please don't be this naive, you are actually harming people.
> Let me put
> it clearly, people might *die* because of such naivety. How many
> activists/reporters/
> whistle-blowers died because of people like you? How many hundreds if not
> thousands
> fell victim to wikileaks and all the "good" people knowingly or
> unknowingly propagating
> their carefully constructed image? Do you _know_ who the people in that
> org are?
> No, you don't
> Please, don't harm people
> <3 <3 <3
> idnc_sk
> On 07/11/2017 03:38 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> Hi Hi, dear all !  Hope everybody is doing great and feeling fabulous,
> woohoo!!!  :D
> There are lots of still unknown great projects and ideas in this world, my
> dear hackers.  So I inviting you all to share your projects on the
> Liberation Tech discussion list.  :)
> For 9 years, until the end of last March, Liberation Tech was a project of
> Stanford University.  Now we are restructuring it to make it independent.
> Wait for good news, people!  ;)
> It will be great to see interaction among good people with the same
> interests:  building a better future for all, a fairer and more peaceful
> world, protecting the human rights against the oppression of governments
> and companies.  <3
> Take care and have a great day, with much music and love, dear all !  <3
> @cecitanaka & the lovely Liberation Tech Team  <3
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> From: "Cecilia Tanaka" <cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com>
> Date: Jul 11, 2017 9:14 AM
> Subject: Re: Black Highlighter + Important PS
> To: "liberationtech" <liberationtech at lists.stanford.edu>
> Cc:
> Oh, the project doesn't need to be written in English only, but please
> remember that a little review in English can be very, very useful.
> Sorry everybody for the bad format of the original message.  It's ugly,
> meh again!  :((
> On Jul 11, 2017 8:57 AM, "Cecilia Tanaka" <cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> It's one of the projects by Brian Dickens (@hostilefork) and I thought it
> would be interesting to share it with LibTech community.
> http://blackhighlighter.hostilefork.com/
> A little excerpt of it:
> "Blackhighlighter combines novel editing with in-browser cryptography to
> facilitate new ways of communicating. It was initially designed for a
> Sunlight Foundation contest to improve transparency in correspondence with
> elected officials.
> However, it was later evolved to a widget that helps hybridize redaction
> with accountability in many possible scenarios. It has applications to open
> government, but also generally raising the bar for fairness in
> communications."
> ==========
> Important PS:  - I was thinking about posting on Liberation Tech's twitter
> account all the new projects presented on this public list, since they are
> related to technology and society  (human rights, surveillance, privacy,
> freedom of the press and expression, etc).
> Sorry, we will *not* make "free merchandising" to companies and, please,
> no huge ego trips.  We just want to share new ideas with the world and hack
> it, make it much better.  :D
> You can mention projects and institutions you really appreciate, your own
> projects, interesting posts, news, essays, books, ideas, etc.  Just
> remember you and your project (or other thing)  can be criticized, receive
> some suggestions or  - who knows? -  good help to become even better,
> yayyy!!!  :D
> There are hundreds of intelligent and very interesting people on this
> list.  Some projects can be discussed here and receive technical
> corrections and/or suggestions, support, partnership...  So many lovely
> possibilities!  <3
> Oh, and if possible, share your favorite project with us mentioning your @
> on Twitter, please!  :)
> Thank you a lot, dear all!  Much love for you and my best wishes!  <3
> Ceci
> PS's PS:  -  I survived to hospital, but not my notebook.  You know, lots
> of virus there, hahaha!!  ;D
> Well, try to ignore the crazy auto-corrections of this bizarre new
> cellphone, please.  I bought a "dumbphone" instead of a "smartphone", meh!
>  :(
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