[hackerspaces] Matrx group chat channels

jomat at jmt.gr jomat at jmt.gr
Fri Jul 7 15:12:38 CEST 2017


On 2017-07-07 09:39, Kẏra ​ wrote:
> Do any of you use Matrix?

Yes, our IRC network has a matrix bridge, and we also operate our own
LDAP backed homeserver.
Our HS is chaostreff.at, so my ID is @jomat:chaostreff.at, our IRC
channel is on Darkfasel, so our Matrix room is #chaossbg:darkfasel.net.

I also operate https://asra.gr for non-tech friends and family who
don't have an LDAP account on our space to give them the possibility
not to use matrix.org infrastructure.

There's also a matrix property on our wiki:
... which still has two problems:
- mediawiki renders the # as a numbered list
- it'd be nice to have it clickable, but as I don't have too much
   trust in matrix.org infra I can't link it to riot.im.


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