[hackerspaces] Wiki cleanup: what to do with unrelated pages?

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen at gaeremyn.be
Thu Jul 6 22:38:59 CEST 2017


I read a few really interesting comments on the merits of having a broad 
wiki for the hackerspaces, as it expresses the variety of what can all 
happen in a hackerspace.

As for the wiki at hackerspaces.org ... I would say that it's mainly a 
matter of cost (financially and time-wise): the persons investing in the 
wiki should decide if it costs them too much (time and/or money).

So if you're at the point that you need to upgrade your server or 
bandwith to allow the wiki to continue, one could ask the question if we 
shouldn't better invest the time and money in other priorities. If time 
and money are no issues, I can't imagine a reason why to cut away 
certain branches of the wiki-tree... But then again, I'm not a 
wiki-gardener. I just enjoy plucking a juicy piece of fruit every now 
and then.


On 06-07-17 16:30, Lasse Pommerenke wrote:
> In our irc channel [0] we noticed today there is a huge load of pages
> [1] that I consider to be unrelated to "hackerspaces".
> Because the pages in question are not about hackerspaces --even in the
> widest sense--, I want to get rid of them.
> However, before I delete all those unrelated pages I want to ask if you
> people have a better idea: What say you?
> (I know this is "Relevanzkriterien" all over again; hackerspaces wiki,
> however, is not a general encyclopaedia so I maintain that a more narrow
> focus is acceptable)
> No action has been taken by me yet.
> [0] #hackerspaces on chat.freenode.net
> [1] https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Category:D%26D
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