[hackerspaces] Wiki cleanup: what to do with unrelated pages?

Lasse Pommerenke housetier at nrrd.de
Thu Jul 6 16:30:29 CEST 2017

In our irc channel [0] we noticed today there is a huge load of pages
[1] that I consider to be unrelated to "hackerspaces".

Because the pages in question are not about hackerspaces --even in the
widest sense--, I want to get rid of them.

However, before I delete all those unrelated pages I want to ask if you
people have a better idea: What say you?

(I know this is "Relevanzkriterien" all over again; hackerspaces wiki,
however, is not a general encyclopaedia so I maintain that a more narrow
focus is acceptable)

No action has been taken by me yet.

[0] #hackerspaces on chat.freenode.net
[1] https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Category:D%26D

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