[hackerspaces] Looking for an illustrator for a hackerspace graphic novel

PaweĊ‚ Chojnacki alxd at alxd.org
Sun Jan 1 20:41:44 CET 2017


I'm starting a first online graphic novel about hackerspaces, licensed
under Creative Commons and released with all the source files: Glider
Ink - https://glider.ink/the-project

With the popular image of a "hacker" being either a black hat or Mr
Robot-like hacktivist, I hope that such a comic could help showing
hackers as tweakers, creators and black-box openers around the world.

Since it's quite hard to find photos or movies from actual Spaces all
over the world, I'm looking for a comic artist / illustrator who already
knows them and might be interested in working on such project. The
position is fully paid.

Feel free to contact me at contact (at) glider (dot) ink or drop by
#glider-ink on Freenode!



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