[hackerspaces] Mastodon?

Ijon ijon at c-base.org
Tue Apr 18 02:08:53 CEST 2017

On 17.04.2017 23:16, metabaron340 wrote:

> No thanks. it's not that I don't want to "follow you"...
> Threaded forums or whatever feature (like etherpad) are cool but nothing
> can replace "de visu" communication -which is ancestral- with a
> papersheet and a pen or a good old drawing (that you scan and keep in
> numeric version eventually) and some "neuronnes-smashing" together. >}
> I'll be moving around for what concerns me.

If you want to talk about your personal communication, then I respect
whatever choices you have made there. But Mastodon is to me right now an
opportunity to put the message of a (all) hackerspaces out there.

As I wrote in another email:

I believe that the idea of an open space for everyone to drop in, to
better themselves, to learn, develop, educate themselves or others, to
start great projects and to make this world a better place is so
important, that we should not stay in our own filterbubble and instead
carry our message throughout the internet, using whatever technology is
used by others that are not in our filterbubble.

> More important, I agree with Joshua about maintaining hackerspaces.org
> and making it more "confortable" and usefull (whats the CMS behind? just
> a wiki ? -_-; ).
> https://hackerspaces.org could be more functionnal and rich in
> functionnality than just a wiki (who uses the list of events and the
> list of projects?).
> Is there a RSS stream like rss.hackerspaces.org where a single RSS would
> show any post of a database of RSSes in real-time, or a basic RSS
> syndication function? I would read this with icedove while reading my
> emails... *_*

Again, thats our world, RSS, the wiki at hackerspaces.org. These are
channels that we use for our internal communication. Social Networks are
always and have always been for the external communication. One-to-Many.

> @Ijon : I don't want to be rude but you can build a gateway to mastodon
> if you want cool content from us in it (like
> https://twitter.com/HackerspacesBot ). Does c-base has a website and RSS ?

I hope I dont come across as too rude, but I dont want cool content from
you, neither will I build this or that to adhere to your personal
technological preferences. I am talking about an opportunity for all of
us on to connect hackerspaces together which will amplify our voice when
we talk externally to all of those that are not familiar with RSS or a
website that you only find if you are familiar with the concept of a
hackerspace and have already the wish to visit or join one, which is not
the case for a lot of people out there.

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