[hackerspaces] Webcam Matrix

Pete Prodoehl raster at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 15:48:52 CEST 2017

Our space consists of 16,000 square feet and over 20 different rooms... 
I don't think one single webcam is going to show all of that. We could 
easily have 100 people in the space and the camera might not see any of 
them, especially since it's mobile and can be pointed at anything or in 
any direction (but not all directions.)

Part of our mission is to share what we are doing with the world, and 
promote creativity and making. Most of the people who view our camera 
are our own members or friends from other spaces in our area.


On 4/1/17 6:14 AM, Ijon wrote:
> I also want to add, that having a webcam that shows wether someone is in
> the space or not (closed or open) is basically an invitation for a
> burglar to come and break into the space to steal your tools and computers
> On 31.03.2017 18:39, Ijon wrote:
>> I really have a hard time to understand this.
>> In some spaces photos, cameras, video is forbidden, a lot of hackers
>> (not enough) cover up the cameras on theire personal devices, everybody
>> is always super sensitive when it comes to photos or videos of them...
>> and here we are, somebody is asking to create a centralized repository
>> of webcams in hackerspaces?
>> i dont get it! Can somebody explain how this is possible? this seems to
>> be going in the opposite direction of what we aim for, helping people to
>> preserve privacy, helping people to encrypt, helping people to stay
>> anonymous.
>> On 31.03.2017 18:05, Joshua Pritt wrote:
>>> https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Webcams
>>> If you have a live camera stream from your 'space, please add it to the
>>> list on this wiki page.
>>> I want to bring back the Webcam Matrix and more!  I just added the one
>>> for the Melbourne Makerspace.
>>> I want to also see if there is a video chat enabled computer there at
>>> your space as well so I can start up my idea for the 'SpacePhone.  A
>>> quick and simple way to click on a hacker/makerspace's logo on a similar
>>> matrix layout web page and start up a video call.  Let's collaborate on
>>> this as one, big, group project!

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