[hackerspaces] Webcam Matrix

Danilo mail at dbrgn.ch
Sat Apr 1 12:59:27 CEST 2017

Am Fr, 31. Mär 2017, um 18:39, schrieb Ijon:
> I really have a hard time to understand this.
> In some spaces photos, cameras, video is forbidden, a lot of hackers
> (not enough) cover up the cameras on theire personal devices, everybody
> is always super sensitive when it comes to photos or videos of them...
> and here we are, somebody is asking to create a centralized repository
> of webcams in hackerspaces?
> i dont get it! Can somebody explain how this is possible? this seems to
> be going in the opposite direction of what we aim for, helping people to
> preserve privacy, helping people to encrypt, helping people to stay
> anonymous.

I'm also sceptical of spaces having a webcam pointing at their main room
or something like that. 

But it's perfectly fine to have a webcam that shows the view from the
roof of the space, or - like we and many other hackerspaces do - show
the current printing status of their 3D printers, or similar.


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