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Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Fri May 20 22:43:48 CEST 2016

Hi everyone!

just in case you like to adventure yourself in the hot Italian summer,
this year in august we're hosting again the MOCA, an hacker camp
organized by a 30yr old cultural association (once upon a time a BBS)
in Pescara, Abruzzo, east coastal beach town which believe it or not
is twin city with Miami Beach.

Here below the call for papers, open until end of current month, ciao!


 <{\           /
    \    C    /
     |   F   |
     |   P   |
    /  metro  \ 
   / olografix \ 
  / !MOCA 2016! \

Call for Papers MOCA 2016                     -{ three days of }-
http://camp.olografix.org             Networking::Security::Hacking::Fun
19-20-21 Agosto 2016 - PE            APT::Arrustill::Lockpicking::Privacy
facebook.com/metroolografix twitter.com/metroolografix info at olografix.org

  The Telematic Cultural Association "Metro Olografix" is proud to
  announce the fourth edition of MOCA (Metro Olografix Camp) 2016!

MOCA is a nord-european style hacker camp; three days of hacking, fiddling,
networking, reversing, privacy, lockpicking, electronics and much more; all
of this in Pescara, the city where our association is born in the far 1994.

The spirit of MOCA is to offer a "live" environment where everyone is
invited to discuss, observe, argue and challenge whatever concerns the
world of computers.

You're warmly invited to join the event, but also and above all to propose
your talk!

[ Talk topics ]

All the human knowable around computers (and not only) with an hacky
aftertaste is welcome. Historically we particularly touched:

- Reverse engineering (hardware, software, protocols, formats, ...)
Tutto lo scibile informatico (e non) che abbia un retrogusto smanettone e'
ben accetto. I topic particolarmente apprezzati storicamente sono:

- Reverse engineering: hardware, software, protocols, ...
- Security: vulnerabilities
- Privacy, anonimity, digital rights
- Malware analysis
- Cryptography
- Data Recovery, Digital Forensics and Incident Response
- Smartphone / Mobile (in)security
- VOIP (in)security
- Inspiration
- Methods
- Enterprise/Architecture
- Innovation
- GameDev
- IoT
- BigData
- Cloud infrastructure
- Automotive solutions
- Arduino

[How to propose a talk]

Send an email to moca-cfp at olografix.org with:

- your first and last name
- your email or phone number
- talk title
- talk description
- talk duration (max 2 hours)
- talk language
- your permission (or not) to make audio/video recording of the talk
- slides, links, and other supporting materials
- difficulty level of the talk

Tell us what you need to give your talk, keeping in mind that we already
provide to each speaker the following:
- network connectivity (wired and wireless)
- projector
- audio system
- tables and chairs


The deadline to submit your talk proposal is the 30th of May 2016

Denis Roio aka Jaromil   http://Dyne.org think &do tank
  CTO and co-founder      free/open source developers
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