[hackerspaces] Cairo's Hackerspace Shutdown after government raid

Tarek Ahmed tarek.alsabagh at gmail.com
Wed May 4 22:49:48 CEST 2016

Dear all,

The list admin did not approve my past reply!! Sincere apologies for
replying late and the silence.
We don't have a space at the moment so things are a bit up and down in
trying to run workshops and complete projects.

As for the situation, it's still complicated.Essentially we have had
problems since the raid on Townhouse in December. There aren't any legal
repercussions for us directly as of yet, but we are also trying to avoid
any inflammatory situations with the government. We are still brainstorming
on ideas for funding a new space, but it is nearly impossible to accept
foreign funds in Egypt anymore. We wrote a clarifying post on our website
here if you'd like to read:

Thank you for your support.

Tarek Omar
Director | Cairo Makerspace
Mob : +201225429869
Cairo Makerspace <http://cairomakerspace.org>

On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 10:01 PM, Anna Waldman-Brown <annawab at fabfolk.com>

> Hi Liz and Moritz, this is really disturbing and thanks for sharing.
> Please meet Tarek, the founder of Cairo Hackerspace and an inspiring
> community leader.
> Hey Tarek, I'm horrified to hear that your space was shut down. Is there
> anything we can do, as the global hackerspaces community? Hope you can
> either find a new location or get back to communal hacking at the Townhouse
> soon...
> All my best,
> Anna
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 8:02 PM, Moritz <moritz at headstrong.de> wrote:
>> On 01/06/2016 04:29 AM, Liz wrote:
>> > https://twitter.com/CairoHackers/status/681777950396674048
>> >
>> http://www.madamasr.com/news/culture/townhouse-gallery-rawabet-theater-closed-after-interagency-raid
>> Does anyone have new information? Is this legal trouble of the
>> hackerspace, or about something/somebody else within that art/cultural
>> center? Is there a Cairo legal fund or reboot fund that one can donate
>> to? Is it time to make a larger fund that can quickly help in such
>> situations?
>> .mo
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