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Prematurely sent my last message. Continuing:

The 12 traditions form a very minimal framework for self-governance of a
diverse group of people with a common goal/cause. If you just want a space
with a community of members instead of random strangers who are members,
the 12 traditions may be a simple (but not easy) starting point.
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> Arclight's advice is commonly given, but really important.
> I thought my project was the exception to the rule and maybe it could've
> been if everything had been executed perfectly, but banking on perfection
> is a fools game. We had a perfect location, people and businesses with tons
> of equipment to donate, and lots of people chomping at the bit to join. I
> raised money to pay a team (myself & 3 others) to setup a non profit org,
> research needs, and make a plan. We put personalities before principles
> when choosing the board & they immediately started dictating what the team
> should be pursuing based on the board's vision. I started the whole project
> from my own vision of a space accessible to all, including the poor, but
> didn't communicate that to others well. There were constant clashes &
> little progress, leading to a cheap giant warehouse going unused for
> months, no equipment donations taken in, and nothing being made. We
> probably also poisoned the local community's good will toward such an
> effort for the future.
> In hindsight, I think there's a way to make the approach we were taking
> work, but I think trying to do that is so risky that all financial backers
> need to know up front they're likely throwing away money.
> Point being: don't be like me.
> Find your tribe, discover what defines you all, and how you like to
> work/play/learn together before bringing money into the equation.
> And a weird side thought:
> 12-step groups for addiction recovery operate using what they call the 12
> traditions. They make
> On May 2, 2016 11:50 AM, "Arclight" <arclight at gmail.com> wrote:
> My experience is that getting one-time funding is not the problem you
> need to solve. "Build it and they will come" doesn't really work with
> hackerspaces.  What you need to do is "Get everyone to come and then
> build it."  Without a core community, there would just be a big, empty
> building that only sort-of serves the needs of those who show up.
> Start small, post meeting invites everywhere, and get a community
> started.  It's only when you have people to share the work and be
> willing to provide recurring support to the space that you should seek
> funding for one-time costs like moving.
> Arclight
> On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 5:19 AM, Mike  Dupont
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> > Hi there,
> > I am now convinced that we need to create a makerspace for Trenton NJ,
> > is there anyone who might be interested in working on such a project?
> > Any tips on fundraising ? Are there any grant applications or
> > documents about starting a space you can share?
> > thanks,
> > mike
> >
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