[hackerspaces] Machines list - buying resources !

Arclight arclight at gmail.com
Sun May 1 18:08:41 CEST 2016


I would start any makerspace project with the basics.  Purchase some
long, folding tables and comfortable chairs.  These can be used for
anything from sewing nights to robotics classes.  Also get some nice
workbenches.  You can make or buy these. If money is no problem, these
are very nice:


If money is a problem, make your own.  Here is a good article on
setting up an electronics/light prototyping area:


Also get storage racks and bins for materials and projects and stuff
to build out a small kitchen/refreshment area.

Get hand tools such as:

-Hot glue guns
-Socket set - 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" drive.  The USA Sears Craftsman brand is
good, and I'm sure there are Equrope/Middle East brands that are also
-Combination wrench set
-Screwdrivers - Quality, small Wiha screwdrivers from Germany, any
good screwdriver for the larger sizes
-Cordless drill, cordless impact driver
-Cordless reciprocating saw
-Wood tools as needed
-Sewing machine

Anyone who works in industry at your space should be able to tel you
what they use at work and where they order stuff from.

Once you've covered the basics, then consider what direction you want to go:

-Dirty area with MIG welder, plasma torch, horizontal bandsaw
-Clean machining area with a small lathe and mill (Small manual
machines with digital read outs to start)
-Tooling for the above

Small, not-so-powerful machines are better for a public space.  A 10
horsepower CNC lathe is awesome if you need to turn out oil well
tools, but it's going to require more skill than most people have to
use it properly, and it can kill a person in seconds.  A small 1/2HP
manual machine will usually stop turning if you do something stupid to


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