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Volatile Compound volatilecompound at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 05:28:19 CET 2016

Not knowing what types you're using, the environmental conditions 
they're located in, frequency of use, etc., I'll chime in with the 

- Grease / otherwise lubricate them regularly per manufacturers' 

- You might have to modify the above based on climate and location.

- Check for misalignment in frames, hinges, tracks, etc.

- Check for settling in the building, which might be throwing off the 
alignment of the frames, hinges, tracks, etc.

- Do you have hydraulic, pneumatic, or spring-driven returns on them? 
Check those.  They may be tired and need attention.

Out of curiosity, you mention that this happens after 6 to 8 months or 
so.  It sounds like this may be a recurring problem.  What steps are 
taken to fix it when it does happen?

- skroo.

On 1/14/16 8:06 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Heyo. Our electric strikes for our door and gate like to grow soft (not
> latching) after about 6 - 8 months. Any spaces have recommendations on
> strikes? Thanks!
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