[hackerspaces] Harassment and anti-discrimation policies

Xer0Dynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 23:29:39 CET 2016

> That may be the case, Xer0Dynamite - but there are real requirements to
> working successfully with that establishment.
> In the makerish approach - today’s current building codes were all written
> (over the past 100 years) because in each originating incident - someone
> died.

I understand Shirley, but all these things are issues of relating to
power, nothing more.  By putting something in writing, you're just
borrowing the power of the written word from the (mostly legal)
Establishment.  It's better to develop the power in yourself, because
the Establishment taxes you heavily to borrow it's power.  In any
event, this is not a week-long course you'll find on Udemy.

As for someone dying, no amount of borrowed legal biolerplate will
give you the power to avoid accidents -- you (again) have to possess
the power, the expertise, to avoid that.  People who want to jump on
the bandwagon will find it hard to get that, but nonetheless, there
aren't any shortcuts, and it's just what you have to have.


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