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hellekin hellekin at dyne.org
Fri Jan 8 20:43:42 CET 2016

Written in August 2015 after CCCamp15, introduced briefly at the
Hackbases session during 32C3, the Hackerspaces Grant Program is a
project and proposal to the community.

In a nutshell, this program would propose 4 grants:

1. Bootstrap Grant

Purpose: bootstrapping projects, spaces, events.

The Hackerspaces Bootstrap Grant enables new hackerspaces to setup shop
in their locality, or helping a hackerspace move to a new location. The
grant can cover rent guarantee, a few months of rent, legal fees and
counseling, buying machines, etc.

2. Community Grant

Purpose: supporting public events and collective projects.

The Hackerspaces Community Grant provides sponsoring to public events
bridging the hackerspace with its regional community, such as open days,
local conferences, etc.

Additionally, the Community grant can be used to enable collective
projects involving 5 or more established hackerspaces.

3. Hopper Grant

Purpose: moving people around.

The Hackerspaces Hopper Grant enables individuals to move from a
hackerspace to another, or to a related conference.

This travel and residencies grant covers flight from one hackerspace to
another, and may cover travel expenses as well, such as transfer from
and to the airport, and accommodation.

This grant supports the Hackers in Residence project that proposes to
host a hacker at a hackerspace and facilitate exchanges.

The interested hacker should contact the hackerspace they want to visit,
and have it apply for a grant on their behalf.

4. Solidarity Grant

Purpose: covering unexpected, punctual needs.

The Hackerspaces Solidarity Grant comes from a specific community fund
with the objective of covering for exceptional expenses, such as:

    helping with rent
    facing unexpected expenses
    empowering hackerspaces in difficult situations

The Hackerspaces Solidarity Fund is itself voluntary, and anyone can
provide one-time or recurring contributions to keep it alive.
Suggestions have been made to incorporate a voluntary donation of, e.g.,
3€, into a hackerspace's monthly membership, so that hackerspaces can
easily collect contributions through their members.

Read more at https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Hackerspaces_Grant_Program


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