[hackerspaces] 42 RIPE Atlas probes & "hackerspaces-Jedi"

Vesna Manojlovic becha at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 29 16:24:52 CET 2016


I wrote about the RIPE Atlas [0]probes that are deployed at hackerspaces - 
between 20 & 80 - and things you can do with them: deploy them, tag them, 
edit your 'space wiki page to say you have one and the map & list will be 
generated to display them all... (thanks, Nico!)

There is an interesting data-visualization tool now (thanks, Emile) that 
let's you see and explore the measurements (traceroutes) done between all 
hackerspaces' probes and to see:
- Geographical paths 
- How you reach other hackerspaces from your local network i.e.
- Which providers and which countries are being traversed

You can reuse the code, and improve on it...

More stories, and pictures, in this article:

If you still want a probe & are at #33c3, NOC helpdesk has few more 


[0] atlas.ripe.net

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