[hackerspaces] US Workshops - Careful With Firearms Manufacturing

Sector67 Team team at sector67.org
Fri Aug 12 15:00:50 CEST 2016

I know this only impacts US spaces, but the ATF has finally clarified their
home-built firearms clause (which was just brought to my attention today,
happened a year ago):
to include shared facilities/tools.  In short, you can't allow anyone to
use your equipment to manufacture a firearm without violating a law you
really don't want to violate.

Just an FYI, not making any leanings one way or another (or a statement
about the state of US firearms regulations) but I don't want anyone going
to jail and paying a lot of money because they didn't know about the update
to this law.

Keep hacking,


Chris Meyer


2100 Winnebago St
Madison, WI  53704
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