[hackerspaces] This Friday at TechInc, Amsterdam: CrypTech.is by Randy Bush

Vesna Manojlovic becha at xs4all.nl
Wed Sep 2 09:59:21 CEST 2015

Hi everyone,

I'd like to invite you to the CrypTech.is lecture & discussion:

Randy Bush is going to talk about the current status of CrypTech project, in 
order to teach us how far they got in developing their design; and then lead 
the discussion in order to do some "intellectual penetration testing", exchange 
ideas & learn from Dutch hackers.

Where: Technologia Incognita hackerspace, Amsterdam, NL
Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA, (ex)ACTA building. (52.34557 4.82578)

When: Friday, 4 September
START: 19:00

+ Presentation
-- Board design
-- Crypto algorithms
-- Random number generator
-- How to take part & contribute
+ Discussion

Intended audience: hackers, crypto-geeks, HW nerds, privacy advocates, security 

Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/Technologia-Incognita/events/225039844/

CrypTech: Open-source hardware cryptographic engine design

The CrypTech project is developing an open-source hardware cryptographic engine 
design that meets the needs of high assurance Internet infrastructure systems 
that use cryptography. The open-source hardware cryptographic engine must be of 
general use to the broad Internet community, covering needs such as securing 
email, web, DNSsec, PKIs, etc.


- what would you do differently?
- flaws you see in the process or design
- other examples
- interest in testing?


Randy Bush is a long time network operator at RAINet, Verio, NTT, etc., 
research Fellow at Internet Initiative Japan, and author of many IETF RFCs, 
mainly about RPKI; published lots of publication with IEEE, ACM SIGCOMM; and 
public speaker at AfriNIC, NANOG, RIPE, APNIC, ISOC events...


Hope to see you there!

Please forward it to your hackerspace lists :)


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