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Wed Nov 18 17:18:55 CET 2015

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 9:48 AM, David Potocnik <david.potocnik at gmail.com>

> To stay on topic, I'd suggest hackerspaces should remain without
> dossiers and tightly-knit (if this means less than X members then
> fine) with no paper trail, while a makerspace/fab lab/shared workshop
> might want something different.

I'd want to have a good chance of maintaining large communities without
having to resort to a corporate type of feel.  Maybe I should have started
a thread about that instead of considering the dossier pattern as a means
to that end.

I like the missing stair analogy being used in the discussion matt pointed
to, and I've thought about people that way before because I follow
pervocracy's blog.

Anyway, with a larger community people will depend on 2nd and 3rd hand
knowledge. There is going to be vague background radiation of who is a
missing stair. When I took on a role in the board, I was unhappy having to
rely on vagueness. Maybe I don't have the social skills for that.

>From this year, I decided not to be a board member again.  It's a
combination of things, including being uncomfortable with judging people,
the sense of unease, and also just myself. I got unhealthy from being too
emotionally invested in wanting people to get along.

I think other people will do a better job! I'm going to nominate some
members to the board next year who helped by working on peace-making this

Off topic, I bet there are some big cultural differences in how we/I
approach things where I live and with people in different regions. I like
what you said here:

Without any sense of either grief or superiority towards any of the
> organisational forms - I thought (and probably share this with other

Finally, I appreciate how everyone has been in this thread. I was thinking
with the programmer part brain and wanted to find some simple technical
type of approach to throw at a social thing versus getting at it another
way. Thanks for the replies.

shekay at pobox.com
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