[hackerspaces] Group chat for hackerspaces going to Congress

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Tue Nov 17 18:02:48 CET 2015

On 17/11/15 15:36, Joshua Pritt wrote:
> This reminds me of the SpacePhone project I was trying to get started.
> Basically like the Jetsons each hackerspace would have a dedicated
> PC/laptop with a web cam and speakers/mic where they could click the
> logo/name of a space with a SpacePhone and it would "ring" (with giant
> spinning lights if they want!) so each space could easily make video
> calls to each other to work on joint projects or ask quick questions, etc.
> We could even add a tag to the Space API to show if the space has a
> SpacePhone: true|false.
> http://spaceapi.net/

I like the idea of easily calling other spaces, but we already have
basic voip-phones + a no camera policy, so that bit be out.

Voip federation between spaces would be nice though.

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