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I have questions about the logistics involved in the dossier pattern.


Dossier Pattern
> Problem: The board has received a complaint about a member, but the member
> says they didn't understand the rules. The board members are new and have
> no way to know whether the member has been a problem before.
> Solution: Keep records of all member complaints in a system that is
> confidential and searchable. Even if someone doesn't want to make a formal
> complaint, leaving a note can help establish whether there is a pattern of
> misbehavior and help future boards follow up.

We agree that we'd like to use this pattern, but we are unsure of how to
implement it. We've had a complicated year, and we'd like to keep some
records. We've got two general areas that people worry about.

1. What to record.
2. How to preserve confidentiality and privacy.

Are any of you involved in an HR department or industrial organization
psychology or whatever type of specialty would help give us ideas for what
to capture and how to store it?

1. What to record.

When the dossier pattern has been brought up, we've had highly mixed
reactions. One person said it was disgusting and would be used unfairly and
that we'd be recording hearsay and use it as an excuse to kick people out.
I'd like to find a way to mitigate those fears. It seems to me that there
must exist existing procedures for recording behaviors and incidents that
help. What processes do people use?

as an aside, it seems to me that most everyone I've talked to wants
fairness, but some are worried about unfair accusations versus unfair
dismissals. I don't feel like getting in to that topic, I just want to get
something done that is good enough. It doesn't have to be perfect.

2. Confidentiality

I'd like to preserve confidentiality and privacy, including forward
privacy. For example, I've had a situation where a person filed a complaint
and asked for the exact language of the complaint not to be shared with the
person involved. We gave the person who was involved a paraphrase of the
situation. If that person becomes a board member, they will have access to
board docs. Logistically speaking, what kind of protocol can I use that
would have a reasonable chance of keeping things private for the person who
filed the complaint? Should I just destroy the primary materials?

shekay at pobox.com
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