[hackerspaces] Visiting Hackers/paces in São Paulo, Brazil

Eric Michaud eric at hackerspaces.org
Wed May 27 18:59:45 CEST 2015

Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted to the discuss mailing list. I'm
emailing all of you hoping that I can make some connections.

TLDR: I just landed in São Paulo for "you Sh0t the sheriff 9" (
http://www.ysts.org/) which I'll be speaking at, and stay until next
Tuesday where I will have a pretty flexible schedule after the conference

I'm hoping to meet up with anyone that is:

Building a hackerspace
Has an active hackerspace(can I come by?!?!) :)
Reverse engineers(chip,software,etc)
Designers(graphic,CAD,hardware(all types))
Business Owners(once a hacker always a hacker)
Professional Pen-Testers
Professional hackers wanting to network internationally

You can reply here or reach out to me directly(recommended).

I look forward to meeting you. :)

Best Regards,
Eric Michaud

Rift Recon - Owner/CEO
PS:One - Founder
HacDC - Co-Founder
Hackerspaces.org - Site Admin/Blogger (in a previous life)
TOOOL.us - Co-founder
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