[hackerspaces] Let's build a hackerspace in Kosovo

Altin Ukshini altin.ukshini at gmail.com
Tue May 26 20:46:24 CEST 2015

Dear everyone,

We are a group of young hacktivists from Prishtina, Kosovo - Europe’s
newest country.

During the past year we’ve been working on creating an experimentation,
coworking space - a hackerspace in Prishtina.

Struggling to find funds locally and self sustain the space, we joined
Kickstarter to get international help.

*Just recently our project was 100% funded thanks to 203 backers who
trusted our initiative. *

We do have 12 days left until the campaign ends, and we would like to ask
for your support to help us with our stretch goal of $20,000.00 announced
in one of our updates on Kickstarter.

Please visit our campaign here:

We hope to get your support: please help us by sharing this campaign
through your channels under the #PrishtinaHackerspace hashtag and/or
donating to it.

Prishtina Hackerspace website: http://prishtinahackerspace.org

and also our wiki: http://wiki.prishtinahackerspace.org/

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Best regards,
Altin Ukshini

*Altin Ukshini*
*President of the Executive Board*

*FLOSSK (Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova)*
+386 (0) 49 199 992 | altin.ukshini at gmail.com | about.me/altinukshini

Latest project:

* <http://prishtinahackerspace.org>*
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