[hackerspaces] Noisebridge in San Francisco open during Maker Faire weekend

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Wed May 13 11:25:04 CEST 2015

Are you flying in for Maker Faire and needing a soldering iron because your electronics demo got smashed by some butter fingered TSA agent?

Wanting to make some last minute tweaks to your vegan gerbil powered robotic laser eyes love machine project?

In search of where the hackers, makers, queers and shakers go for the after party and gigabit internet?

Or simply seeking to know what all the fuss regarding sleeping on top of the elevator is really about?

Well lucky for you friend, Noisebridge is open during Maker Faire weekend! Located less than 2 blocks South of 16th St BART station at 2169 Mission St. Use the super secret gate code "MAKER" to get up to our space from 11AM to 10PM. Anytime outside those hours just ring the doorbell and whisper into the payphone: Excellent

There'll be drinks, there'll be solder, there'll be tours, there'll be more internet than we know what to do with. So after you're done with the Silicon Valley County Fair and Useless DIY Shit You Don't Need Trade Show, you're welcome to join us for a weekend of nerdom enchantment and crafty mysticism.


rubin at starset.net 

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