[hackerspaces] Pledges needed, now or never: Seltzer community manager

Edward L Platt ed at elplatt.com
Mon Jul 6 18:10:30 CEST 2015

Hi All,

There are just a few hours left to pledge to support a 1.0 version of
Seltzer, a tool for managing hackerspaces and other cooperatives. If you
want to see this happen, ever small bit helps, pledge at the link below.
And to all my Silicon Valley friends: if you can afford brunch in San
Francisco, you can afford supporting a tool to help those who can't.


Over the past year, dozens of makerspaces and cooperatives have told me
about how much they need a tool like Seltzer. The current version is close,
but not quite ready for their needs. And in order to make it easy for
different groups to contribute improvements to the software, it's going to
take a lot of time working on documentation and organizing meetings between
users and developers. This summer is my last chance to do this work before
I spend the next 4-7 years doing a phd.

I've seen the amazing things a space of a couple hundred members can do
when they're able to organize: building mind-controlled flamethrowers and
flying robots, transforming themselves from underemployed store clerks into
engineers, mentoring students from schools that can't afford tech
equipment... just imagine what then tens of thousands of makers around the
world could do if it was easier to work together.


Happy hacking,

Edward L. Platt
@elplatt <http://twitter.com/elplatt>

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