[hackerspaces] Choosing a laser cutter

Ben Brown ben at generik.ca
Fri Aug 28 20:14:32 CEST 2015

We have a G.Weike (Chinese) LG900N 60W laser cutter at Kwartzlab, as 
does a number of other spaces. We've had it since 2011 and despite 
constant use, it's held up really well for us. Other spaces have 
reportedly had more issues.


Aside from some minor upgrades to beef up the power circuitry, we really 
haven't had any major hardware issues. We're about to replace our 2nd 
tube (decreased lifespan due to sitting around for a few years, though). 
Once in a while the mirrors need to be adjusted. Our auto-Z calibrator 
tore off when one user crashed the bed some years ago, but works 
perfectly fine with manual calibration.

Our largest gripe is that the proprietary software (LaserCut for 
Windows) is potato quality, but it does have import capabilities so most 
people just design on other programs like Inkscape, Illustrator or 3D 
CAD and import from there.

It was about 6,000 CAD with shipping, customs and other accessories 
(water cooler, etc). It's probably our most used big tool in the space.


On 2015-08-28 1:53 PM, opit wrote:
> Hello all,
> here at Technarium we're considering buying a laser cutter (water jet
> would be even better, but probably is outside of our financial
> abilities). Maybe any of you have a piece of advice of what to look for
> and what to avoid? What do you use at your space and what didn't work
> out? What's your experience with Lasersaur or with generic machines from
> Alibaba?
> Last week there a similar request was posted here, but what we're
> looking for is a larger machine that could also be used by freelancers
> at the space and for custom manufacturing orders. We plan to have up to
> 7500 Euros for it.
> Thanks!
> #o

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