[hackerspaces] TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) Research Project

Moritz moritz at headstrong.de
Sun Sep 28 22:55:27 CEST 2014

TRANSIT (TRANsformative Social Innovation Theory) is an ambitious
research project that will develop a theory of transformative social
innovation which is about empowerment and change in society. It is
co-funded by the European Commission and runs for four years, from
January 2014 until December 2017. TRANSIT will utilize a research method
which encourages feedback from social entrepreneurs and innovators,
policy makers and academics to develop a theory with practical
relevance. The theory will be based on insights from other theories e.g.
transition theory, social movement theory and institutional theory. The
research project studies how social innovation can bring about
empowerment and societal transformation.

Many social innovators of today work locally, but are connected with
other innovators around the globe. TRANSIT explores these linkages by
researching international networks of social innovation in Europe and
Latin America as case studies both qualitatively and quantitatively.
Examples of the type of networks that we aim to research are:

- The Impact-Hub, Global network of social entrepreneurs
- Ashoka, Network for financial support to social entrepreneurs
- Time Banks, Network facilitating reciprocal ser vice exchange
- Credit Unions, Different types of credit cooperatives
- RIPESS, Network for the promotion of social solidarity economy
- FABLABS, Digital fabrication workshops open to local communities
- Hackerspace, User driven digital fabrication workshops
- Living Knowledge Network, Network of science shops and community-based
research entities
- DESIS-network, Network for design for social innovation and sustainability
- Global Ecovillage Network, Network of villages that promote
ecologically friendly development
- Transition Towns, Grassroots communities working on ‘local resilience’
- INFORSE, International network of sustainable energy NGOs


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