[hackerspaces] Diaspora

Alexander Dahl alex at netz39.de
Thu Oct 30 09:28:59 CET 2014

Hei hei, 

Am 2014-10-30 03:07, schrieb Florencia Edwards:
> Does anybody here have diaspora? 

What do you mean with "have". Some of our members have accounts on
various pods, so do I.

> is it good? 

Yes. At the moment I follow some people and some topics and the quality
of the posts (at least in my filter bubble) is a lot better than on
commercial social networks like facebook and twitter.

And I'm really looking forward to XMPP integration, which will come in
the next few months I hope. :-)

> if so why, if not why? Do
> hackerspaces use it?

We don't have an account for the space itself (like we have on the
forementioned services) but we plan to setup our own pod.


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