[hackerspaces] What should you sell or shouldn't you sell in a hackerspace?

Derek Sigler dereksigler at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 16:52:41 CEST 2014

I say good for these guys!  There is a market right now for instruction on building out makerspaces.  We have a local library that was granted 100k to make one and they are starving for help.  Every school in our area seems to want advice and help.  I think the Maker Works people are just fishing for 1-3 people  to come and get first hand training and advice.  I don't view traditional grassroot hackerspaces as their target audience, mostly schools and libraries.  Maker Works identified an opportunity and hopefully will have a product to produce revenue to help the space.  I think all this is on the up and up.  I also would be willing to bet if an individual trying to start a traditional hackerspace reached out to them, a better price point could be agreed upon. 

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