[hackerspaces] Tarrant Makers: Fall of a Foundation

Randall Arnold randall.arnold at texrat.net
Thu Oct 9 16:12:40 CEST 2014

I think I told everyone but this list, but our local maker nonprofit, Tarrant
County Maker Community Foundation, recently imploded.  Sabotage is a better
word, but I'm gritting my teeth and trying to be polite.  Three years of hard
work on my part and ~two years on the part of a few dedicated others down the

There were a variety of elements that contributed... our regressive,
non-collaborative culture here was a big one.  But ultimately it came down to a
handful of factors that I describe here:


We're not the only ones to experience the stumbling blocks I describe; I know
many of you made it past them, too.  It's just sad that we became an example of
failure for the book I'm working on...

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