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Public policy in most states is leaning toward "vaping is cigarettes". It is possible that your existing laws already cover the situation. 

In our case we ask members to smoke cigarettes and joints outside. Vaping tobacco or weed is ok, but encouraged to be kept in our metalworking areas that have better ventilation.


Phoenix Asylum (Colorado)

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> How are you all dealing with vaping and e-cigarettes at your spaces?
> Issue has come up at ours, and after a PubMed literature search, we are at a loss regarding making a decision that suits everyone.
> What we're considering is:
> No vaping around persons under age 18.
> Vaping permitted (as less bad than smoking) unless the vapor requested to not do it in a given workshop by other member working there.
> This is contentious - we are trying to hit a decent compromise given the state of the current scientific literature. There is limited research on vaping on Pub Med.
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