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Hi to all,I would like to ask if you could share some extra info/links to "nomenclature" and advantages/disadvantages on the variety of workshops/class funding. I mean things like "free", "donations welcome", "suggested donations", and - something what I'm not sure how to call or phrase "the minimal amount needed", like next workshop happens if $100 are accumulated during the first one etc. I would like to also know your impression about the variety of funding schemes. 

My personal experience and way was shaped by my involvement with Noisebridge os I like to run workshops and classes as "donations welcome no one turned away for lack of funds". I'm thinking about experimenting more with the "minimal coverage" option for repetitive events  in our community here in South Korea, Jeju - "Dancing Drops", with sharing the data about the funds received. We would chip in resources for first few events so they are scheduled and they happen, also announcing how much we expect to receive in order to continue these activities. The aim is to keep variety of learning options open ranging from fermentations which are my topic to some Llinux administration classes, wood crafting etc. bringing more people in both as "tutors" and "participants". In the future I would like to collaborate with people in the region which means China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines etc. establishing therefore structures and funds that we can help with travel expenses to get them here. It is all around the things which I do long term, bringing people together fallowing the open source, consensus and other commonly shared values in hacker movement.

Please do comment, if you are at 31c3 in Hamburg just pop in at Food Hacking Base and "catch me please" to discuss this is a rather longer term project :-)
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