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Joshua Pritt ramgarden at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 16:08:45 CET 2014

That was me on that audition tape and it was me who hacked the LAMP based
guestbook to "interface" with our mailman mailing list.
I just took an existing PHP guestbook and added a checkbox and some code
that if checked, it would send an email FROM that person's email address TO
subscribe at ourmailmanaddress.org with subject SUBSCRIBE.  Then they would
get the confirmation email asking if they really want to subscribe just as
mailman does then they click the link and they are subscribed.  I didn't
put anything on our wiki about it since it was just a simple hack of
someone else's guestbook app.
I forget the name of it.  I think it started with an A like Aurora, or
Angora.  It would be easy enough to add the "subscribe to our mailing list"
checkbox to any guestbook I would think.  Especially if they are using
mailman or similar email based mail lists.

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 9:54 AM, Nathaniel Bezanson <myself at telcodata.us>

> Wild Apricot looks interesting! Membership, billing, and CMS is 3 out of
> the 5 majors (the other 2 being forums/lists and wiki). I hope that price
> includes some rock-solid support and lots-of-nines availability, because
> yeah, it's a chunk of change.
> I had found Groupspaces early on, which covers everything but wiki, but
> advised against it because there's utterly no succession plan if they get
> acquired/dissolved/whatevered. Clouds are known for being somewhat
> ephemeral, after all!
> In hindsight that was probably the wrong call; I think we would've dealt
> with such a dissolution if that had happened, but in the meantime we've
> spent years trying to home-grow something that there just isn't enough
> support behind.
> I'm curious if anyone here has experience with Groupspaces or other
> platforms that provide even more stuff than Wild Apricot. Mostly, how
> extensible these various systems are -- if you set up your own wiki, for
> instance, can you have users auth against their Wild Apricot identities?
> Can the database be coerced into tracking additional info (like RFID key
> bits) sensibly?
> How about guest sign-in systems? Makers Local 256, in their "dream
> television audition tape" which was posted on a thread here last week,
> mentioned having written a sign-in system that lets visitors log their
> details and sign up for emails, but I can't find it documented on their
> wiki, probably because I'm not searching for the right thing. This is
> something I think there's a lot of room for development of within the
> community, and I'd like to hear what's out there before imposing my
> feature-wishlist on the discussion. :)
> -Nate B-
> Jens wrote:
> At MakeICT in Kansas, we are using Wild Apricot <http://wildapricot.com> ($50/month)
> for member and event management, including payment processing and automating
> access control <http://makeict.org/wiki/index.php/Electronic_Door_Entry>
> for our space, and Wave Accounting <https://www.waveapps.com/> (free) for
> keeping track of our finances.
> Jens
> Treasurer, MakeICT
> On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 10:17 AM, Edward L Platt <ed at elplatt.com> wrote:
>> Seems like a lot of spaces have developed their own software to help
>> manage things. This Saturday, as part of the Aaron Swartz hackathon, we'll
>> be compiling a list of what's out there, trying out and reviewing as many
>> as possible, and sharing our results.
>> Know of a good one? Let me know so I can make sure it gets on our list.
>> Also let me know if you're interested in helping out (which you can do from
>> anywhere).
>> Happy hacking,
>> -Ed
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