[hackerspaces] Product from hackers: resistance or leadership?

Madelynn Martiniere madelynn at sparkpluglabs.io
Tue Nov 4 09:34:06 CET 2014

Yes, absolutely. But I think we can do that without losing the term
resistance. One of the things that drew me to hackerspaces many moons ago
was that resistance: resistance to traditional ways of thinking about
technology and innovation, resistance to linear education, and resistance
to exclusive community. With that comes a much more open playing field, and
the experiences and technology that can be built out of a hackerspace are
unparalleled anywhere else in the industry, in my opinion.

However, we have to be respectful of the fact that parts of the community
may not want to leverage those resources in new ways. And that's okay.
Hackerspaces are supposed to be open environments for people to learn,
build, or scale projects as they see fit, with the support of a community.
If we lose that, we lose an integral part of why the community works.

When you say missed opportunities, what did you have in mind?

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On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 10:26 AM, Elger Jonker <elger.jonker at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> One of the keywords that is associated with hackers and hackerspaces is
> "resistance".
> Resistance means that someone else is setting the agenda. Given there are
> hacker organizations with nearly unlimited resources, i wonder why
> "resistance" is still a thing.
> Is the hacker community missing opportunities to lead and thus help more
> people?
> Regards,
> Elger "Stitch" Jonker
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