[hackerspaces] Feminist Hackerspaces article in the journal of peer production

Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Sun Nov 2 11:37:01 CET 2014

May be relevant to some of your interests, and trollbait for others,
but whatever :)


"[Feminist hackers] envisage a different role for their hackerspace,
one in which boundaries offer both safety and a platform for political
resistance. In doing so they counter the myth that open spaces are
necessarily inclusive and egalitarian, revealing the issues of
privilege which lurk behind such platitudes. By simultaneously sharing
principles and establishing disparate boundaries and definitions,
feminist hackerspaces collectively express an alternate hacker, maker
and geek culture. In doing so the trajectories of hacker and feminist
culture are brought together."

The whole issue is about hackerspaces (not just from a feminist
perspective) if you want to check it out:
http://peerproduction.net/issues/issue-5-shared-machine-shops/ - lots
of interesting thoughtful stuff in there.



Leigh Honeywell

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