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we are organising a two day meeting on autonomous infrastructures for a free internet.  we think that hacklabs and hackerspaces are an essential part of the puzzle, providing physical infrastructure for open hardware development and for technology people of many specialisations to come together.  we publish a list of attendants in 1 or 2 weeks and then start working out the content with the participating projects.  so please let us know if you are interested to come, or if you have any questions.

the meeting takes place in calafou, the eco-industrial post-capitalist colony, and you are welcome to hang around for a few days after the meeting as some will do, and continue with more hands-on hacking. we have a dormitory and a camping.

please find the call below and the website address of the meeting at the end of the call,

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June 14–15 2014, Calafou, Barcelona

A gathering of projects actively building infrastructures for a free Internet from an anti-capitalist point of view: autonomous servers, open networks, online services, platforms, open hardware, free software, etc.

The recent revelations about mass surveillance by states and corporations made the idea of a free Internet more topical than ever before, and at the same time generated popular interest in the topic. There are people who are looking at us to provide solutions and many others who just got interested about the topic and look for ways to get involved.

We are organizing a two-day event mixing round table discussions with practical workshops on security, outreach, knowledge sharing, usability, sustainability, synergies between projects, legal issues, etc.

To challenge the language barrier which often excludes Spanish speaking people from Southern Europe and Latin America from the Anglo-Saxon discourse, and the other way around, we will provide simultaneous interpretation.

If you are interested in coming, please contact us so we can build a list of participants and structure the content accordingly.

In solidarity,


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