[hackerspaces] Time to process US 501(3)c application?

Bill Shaw toppsoft at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 12:50:01 CET 2014

We sent our application in for Tampa Hackerspace at the end of December.
The last week of February, we received a letter acknowledging receipt. The
letter said that it would take either three or six months to process
depending on if anything in the application was flagged. There was no
indication which path we were selected for.

It did say that after six months, if we've heard nothing, we would be
welcome to call to follow up.

So, if the letter is true, elapsed times of 5-8 months are not unheard of.
The couple of applications I reviewed as part of our submission were
actually done in about three months so there is hope.


Our space, the Red Mountain Makers, in Birmingham AL, is about to file our
501(3)c paperwork.

> Randall, could you tell us how long the processing time was for your
> application, even with the shut down?
> Would help us to know how long to anticipate.
> Shirley Hicks
> Board member-at-large
> Red Mountain Makers
> 5502 1st Avenue North
> Birmingham, AL 35212
> Email: redmtnadm at redmountainmakers.org
> www.redmountainmakers.org
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> Home email: shirley at velochicdesign.com
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