[hackerspaces] Vandalism and Video Surveillance

Overflo flo at tekstix.com
Tue Mar 18 07:28:15 CET 2014


> Makers Local 256 has always had video surveillance. 


> It's almost mandatory if you are giving 24/7 access to members as once
> someone becomes a member they can just come in and take stuff in the

metalab in vienna is open almost 24/7 we have memberships but EVERYBODY
can walk in and do things there.
we have an open cash box next to the fridge and a open electronics and
heavy machinery workshop.

from time to time things get stolen ore are broken.
sometimes money, sometimes tools, sometimes personal belongings.
its what we consider the drawbacks of being OPEN.
thats a pitty and we really look out after each other and new people.

as far as i know we run one of the most open (hacker)spaces in the world,
this brings a ton of problems but at least twice the feel-good factor.
having video surveillance is not an option for us and we are blooming and
living since 8 years now. 


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