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Based on what you're saying, the solution seems obvious. Get your "staff"
together. Also invite any other people you would actually want to hang out
with on your own time.  Start meeting in a garage or something and just
work on projects that you enjoy. Don't worry about the money, nice tools,
etc. And don't worry about what goes on in the old space.  Get some
positive people together on their own time, and you'll be surprised at how
much different it is, without the "boss" or the "customers."

Lots of people here in the USA have access to first-rate labs at work or
university. And yet they would rather work on simple projects in a dirty
garage. Why? Because they get to do whatever they want. You're never going
to fully do what you want in the old space, and you've got a boss and a lot
of cranky folks to deal with. Consider this experience to be like a working
at a start-up company, and realize that the owner's business model isn't
going to work for you.

Get back to the basics, which is people.  People are 95% of what is missing
here. Solve that now, start getting a few people with similar interests
together to meet and the rest will come in time.

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